Universe simulator

The philosophy is that the universe is started with one consciousness.

You start as a brick. Move around in empty space. You want to move in one direction but get bored and move in other directions. At some point you get really bored and "kill yourself".

Then the universe starts over. Now with one extra brick which was you. Somehow the universe remembers your behaviver (your movements) and replay it. At this time you are now consciousness in a new brick and are able to move around and follow the former brick (which was you in the past life). In this life you may want to just follow yourself, move around somewhere else or stand in the way of the former brick.

Again you get so bored that you kill yourself and start over and yet again, with a new brick. The more times you start over, the more bricks and the more exciting the universe appears to be.

The idea is that rules like gravity and alike are not programmed in this simulation, but would eventually be created from movements/behavier from the simple rule that 2 or more bricks cannot exists in the same place at the same time. (can't exists in the same place in the same dimension)

Other thoughts:

Every choice you make will eventually affect any other brick. Butterfly effect

When you zoom out the universe to a size where no brick every touch, you have reach the big freeze where no particles ever met. Some thinks this might happens to our universe some day.

String theory

You can think of each "life" as a vibrating string. When you playback the universe in fast pace, they appear in a repeating pattern.

7 dimensions exists in the simulation :

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Universe simulator