Conference Theme

The Six Senses - The Essentials of Marketing

Copenhagen Business School is very pleased to host the 39th EMAC Conference and to introduce this year's theme

The Department of Marketing has chosen "The Six Senses - The Essentials of Marketing" as motto for the conference in 2010. Marketing starts and ends with the senses. Customers express their, identity, feelings, thoughts and motivations influenced by current and previous sensory experiences with products and services - and marketers communicating about their offers increasingly include appeals to all senses.

The transformation of extant and new products and services from the firm to its customers rely on customers' ability to perceive and develop favourable preferences from marketing, cultural and social stimuli appealing to all senses. The six senses are truly the essentials of marketing!

Organizing Committee

Conference Chairs

Suzanne C. Beckmann
Torsten Ringberg

Programme Chair

Thomas Ritter

Committee Members

Lars Bech Christensen
Lars Grønholdt
Torben Hansen
Richard Jones
Niels Kornum
Thyra Uth Thomsen
Ricky Wilke

Conference Secretary

Claudia Nielsen

CBS Conference Secretariat

Kirsten Suhr Jacobsen
Kristine Olsen

CD Developer

Klaus Hessellund